Friday, July 27, 2007

Two Stories...

...both of which the Grant Devine Fan Club will love:

OTTAWA -- Special Liberal fundraising events have so far failed to put much of a dent in the almost $4 million in debts racked up by 11 former leadership contenders.

The first event in Halifax two weeks ago -- a cocktail reception featuring Leader Stephane Dion and six of his erstwhile rivals -- attracted about 60 people who paid $250 each. After expenses, however, party insiders say the event netted only about $5,400.

$250 * 60 = $15,000. So that means there was about $10,000 in costs for a 60 person event. How hard is it to cook up some rubber chicken and have Bob Rae play a few tunes on the piano? Whoever organized this thing should not be organizing fundraisers.

2. Ways not to kick off a re-election campaign.



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