Monday, September 26, 2005

Monday Roundup

Some political news stories to start your week off:

-The Hill Times mentioned how the Liberals are contemplating a fall election...interesting only since every newspaper in Canada gave prominent attention to Martin's "no to a fall election" speech this morning.

-Lorrie Goldstein pokes a bit of fun at the Tories and Preston Manning's "Conservative University" idea.

-John McCallum continues to be Mr.Fix It - if a a Cabinet post needs filling or an opposition leader needs heckling, he's the man for the job. McCallum is in, and Efford is out, as Minister of Natural Resources.

-The Herald has some interesting reaction to Klein's rebate idea. Apparently those pinko big government Calgarians are opposed to Ralph's rebate plan, while right wing, free enterprise Edmonton is divided on the idea. As a whole, the province seems rather underwhelmed by the proposal.


  • There's an interesting article on the Guardian website which includes a quote from Mulroney claiming that he brought down the Berlin Wall. Perhaps it's time to revive the poll for best PM...,7792,1578568,00.html

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