Monday, June 06, 2005

Wild Rose Roundup

First of all, I'd like to offer a special thanks to Rempelia Prime for writing the first Wild Rose Roundup, a look at blogs across Alberta. I can guarantee that this week's won't be quite as thorough but it's a rainy day in Calgary (see Lectico's post on this), so I figured I'd give it a go. So, here's what bloggers across Alberta are saying:

BumOnline discusses Sinclair Stevens on the Rutherford show and the "bloc Harper" movement. Speaking of Sinclair Stevens, Alberta Propagandists looks at the biggest scandals in Canadian history.

CalgaryGrit gives a rundown of blogs across Alberta. A great break from the usual crap he posts!

Welcome to Cannuckistan dispels Albertan stereotypes by joining "God Bless America" bloggers and "Bloggers Against Hillary". Look, I didn't like the Lizzie McGuire movie either, but to set up a whole blog group because of it, I dunno... The Black Kettle says the CPC should go negative and links to a ton of Paul Jackson articles.

Socialist Swine, who can be always counted on for an entertaining read, goes through this week in pictures. He also asks what you'd name your pet donkey which, for some odd reason, I found kind of funny, even if it really isn't.

Given this blog's antipathy to Joe Volpe, it's no surprise that I'll highlight Civitatensis' smack-down of the immigration minister. On a similar note, Stupidangrycanajun trashes the Liberals, but it's mainly directed at Jim Karygiannis so I'm cool with it.

It seems the biggest news story in Alberta this week is...Gurmant Grewal. Red vs Blue has a few good posts on it. What it takes to win also touches on Gurmant.

Crittermusings looks at the 100th birthday...but not of the event you think (no, not Dick Clark's birthday either). Speaking of that 100th birthday, Daveberta tells his story of the Queen's visit to Alberta. And since he knows more about provincial politics than any blogger out there, he gives the run-down of the PC leadership race. For the record, I think it's Morton versus Dinning, with Lyle Oberg having a chance to play king maker on the second ballot. It will be very interesting to see the political fallout as this will be a real rural versus urban and right versus further right race.

Doucheblog mentions "gay bald hooker"'ll have to click on the link to see what the post is actually about. And since I brought up hookers, Dust my Broom looks at the latest from strippergate. Apparently it's the scandal that keeps on giving because Maple Leafs Blog has more on it too. He's also got a fun poll on "the worst member of parliament". Meanwhile the Herbinator discusses the one group in society thought of in lower esteem than gay bald hookers - politicians. Specifically, politician pay raises. The Herbinator's book tag victim, Impetus Java House, joins the next best thing to Oprah's Book club. Last week's roundup host, Rempelia Prime, also joins the fray.

Political Cycles talks about Canadian poverty. Calgary Observer looks at the CRTC. It's nice to see bloggers discussing real issues.

Strong and Free is reminded of why he's a proud Canadian and proud Albertan. Idealistic Pragmatist offers advice to less than proud Canadians who might be considering a move south.

From the miscellaneous file elephants with wings, discusses lightsabers and fashion. Grandinite writes a very good post on economics, and a new Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Ian's messy desk mentions Paris Hilton, thereby ensuring a ton of google hits. Kevin G Powell talks about the Da Vinci Code. From future movies to present, Rantastic talks about the big sci-fi movie of the, not that movie.

And that's what's on the minds of Albertans this weekend.

Update: I absentmindedly did not link to MK Braaten's blog in the roundup so you should all go visit so that I don't feel guilty about the oversight. There's some stuff up on O'Brien's defection (which I'll likely post on tomorrow), news of a Stephen Harper biography (now there's a parody post just waiting to happen), and some good analysis of the Auditor General's report (no, not that report).


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