Sunday, November 14, 2004


Many thanks to a fellow Calgary Grit (or former, I suppose, since he's now one of those evil Ontario Liberals everyone in Alberta hates), Warren Kinsella, for the plug of this site on his blog. I'd say that ensures I'll get more hits today than in the previous year.

For long time readers, you'll notice the new motif too. Let's just say the old design was just too blue for a Liberal blog. I'm only hoping this aesthetic change won't spell the same fate for this blog as the logo change last January for the federal Liberals did (ie. No fresh ideas and mediocrity).

If you're looking for comments on the provincial election, try this , this, or even this. Feel free to browse the archives for opinions on the federal Liberals. Suffice to say, my views on the current administration are likely fairly close to Warren's, if you get my drift.


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