Saturday, November 13, 2004

Deux Poids, Deux Mesures

Let’s play a game. Two parties:

Party A Advocates:
-Fixed election dates
-A citizens assembly on democratic reform
-Smaller government…quite literally – in the form of reducing the number of MLAs from 83 to 65.
-A renewed emphasis on Peter Lougheed's Heritage fund

Part B has been accused of being:
-Too complacent
-Adrift without a clear direction or a plan
-Involved in a conflict of interests scandal

Party A is the Alberta Liberal Party. Party B is the Progressive Conservative Party. The same things that cause Albertans to spit at Jean Chretien and Paul Martin are being seen in the Klein government. Yet there seems to be a general sense that the electorate will just bend over and take it this time, as they always do. It’s an odd double standard.


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