Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Glad as Hell; Let's Rock Barrie!

In all the excitement over the Village People incident in Calgary ("it's fun to stay at S-T-O-R-N-A-W-A-Y!"), I missed Harper's stop last week in Barrie, Ontario. Luckily for Canadians everywhere, the Conservative Party website is keeping people up to date on Harper's summer adventures at their far less cleverly named "Summer Tour '05" page. The front page on this site has, I kid you not, Stephen Harper holding a baby. Unfortunately, they seem to have missed Harper's Calgary stop.

Regardless, thanks to the Tory website, I am pleased to present the third installment of the Glad as Hell Tour:

Stop 3: Barrie, Ontario

Location: Barrie, Ontario. A town so dull, Stephen Harper can only seem thrilling by comparison.

Positives: No assless chaps! No backwards cowboy hat! No tight, tight, tight leather vest! No necktie! See what happens when you dress yourself Steve.

Negatives: Still has the world's most awkward smile. And...uhh...he's 11 points behind a government screaming to be defeated.

Human Index: Harper jumps to level 3 - Data. He's dressed like a human but based on the goofy grin, is still having problems using his emotions chip properly.

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